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Glueing Up Some Balsa Sticks

for the Waikiki Pintail


Using the "garage floor cinder block method"

And into the shaping room---

I was hogging out the blank and who should stop by but Cecil Lear

Rough Shaped and breaking it apart for chambering

A piece small piece was broken off so I got some Titebond and tape

Chambers done

Glueing up a couple of pieces at at time

It went back together pretty easily. Now it's ready for shaping.




Fibreglass channel for routed in fin a la early to mid sixties

One of the chambers blew up on the air flight over to Hawaii.

I slit the glass along the delam with a razor knife and patched it with some Suncure.

I was paddling out to "Threes" with Team Balsa in no time.