Style # 10-10

White Double Lined Nylon

Sizes: 30-40 even

White is back. For the good guys. I haven't seen anyone making white trunks lately. Back in the old days there were a few big name surfers who always wore custom white trunks.

We take a piece of good old fashioned heavy duty taslanized nylon canvas and back it up with a second layer so they're not see through. Even when wet. Taslanized means it's soft and pliable. In other words we've already broken in the fabric for you.

You haven't seen trunks with this kind of attention to detail and quality construction for a long time. They dry quickly and are extremely comfortable.

Classic, cool and traditional.

And they are hand tailored right here in the U.S.A.

The best fitting most comfortable trunks on the planet.

$59 Includes Shipping and handling


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