Back in the early sixties at Keller's Surf Shop we made shop t-shirts using a cardboard stencil and a can of spray paint.

It worked like this: You would bring in a t-shirt or a sweat shirt and I would go into the side parking lot. Using pebbles to hold the stencel in place, I would spray paint our shop logo on your shirt. Free of charge.

The logo was a surfer on a wave. Corky Carroll told me it looked more like a hammer and a sickle than a surfer on a wave.

Sometimes they came out pretty good. Other times, if I didn't have enough pebbles holding down the cardboard, it would ruin your shirt. I ruined quite a few shirts before I got it down.

Since then the surf t-shirt has become an art form and a personal statement that tells so much about ourselves. From the kind of surfboards we ride, places we've surfed, shop affiliations, contests we've entered or just a personal fashion statement that says... well that's the idea, the t-shirt makes the statement so we don't have to.

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