Classic Surf Trunks

When I first started surfing, there weren't any
surf shops or surfing magazines. If you wanted
a surfboard you had to make it yourself. If you
wanted a pair of surftrunks you had to get them
custom made. Every beach town had someone,
a surfer's Mom or a lifeguard's wife who made
custom trunks.

My surf trunks are made in the tradition of those
surf trunk makers of yesteryear. Hand cut from
the finest fabrics and sewn with a special thread
that won't rot in salt water, they feature a
button fly and wax pocket with a flap.

The buttons are made from real coconut shells.

The fit is traditional. The look is classic.

Next to your surfboard, your surf trunks are the
most important piece of surfing equipment you

Cloth: We use traditional fabrics such as
cotton or nylon. We specialize in Tahitian
Pareau prints and classic Hawaiian prints.
Our solid nylon fabrics are quick dry, but
taslanized for comfort. They come in a variety
of colors.

Fit: Our fit is tested and true. Our trunks
are full for comfort, but not too baggy. The length
is classic and functional. Not too long, not too
short. The 7 3/4" inseam provides an "above the knee" length that is good for mobility yet plenty of protection from annoying "wax rash".

Construction: All of our seams are safety
stitched and then double lock-stitched (quadruple stitched) with thread that won't rot in salt water. Our expert seamstress
Ana sews these trunks with great care and
attention to quality details.

And I guarantee the seams for life (my life not yours).

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