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It's sometime in the sixties. You're sitting in a high school auditorium, an American Legion Hall, The Surfside Playhouse in Cocoa Beach or maybe the Santa Monica Civic.

The lights dim, the projector rolls, the narrator steps to the microphone and for the next hour or so you're treated to noserides, cutbacks, perfect point waves, quick closing beachbreaks and ending with the quintessential big waves. The show is personally narrated by the filmaker while the music soundtrack blares from a taperecorder.

The next morning we'd be at our favorite break, trying all the maneuvers we'd seen the night before. Kemp's arch, Miki's sideslipe, Phil's island pullout, Lance's nose work, Diff's drop knee. We'd have these images burned into our memories until the next show.

Back in the old days we saw the film once and that was it. Now it's possible to have your own historic surfing video library to enjoy any time you want.

The Summer of '67

a film by Bill Yerkes Music by Jay Yerkes
Now available on DVD with new/old scenes Filmed entirely on the East Coast and Puerto Rico
Soundtrack CD available

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Cocoa Beach Longboard Surfing Renaissance

Skip Frye P. B. Point Spring 1969